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Mandell and Movsesian are private conservators and licensed private professional fiduciaries in Glendale and Los Angeles.  Each private conservator is registered with the state, and they have a seasoned firm consisting of two California licensed professional fiduciaries and support staff.    They take a diligent, protective and respectful approach to their work.  They have extensive experience as fiduciaries and a long history of professional leadership contributions. The firm was formerly known as Chinello & Mandell.  For a referral to a private conservator, please use the below contact.

Mission Of Mandell & Movsesian

To serve, pursuant to California statute and our professional code of ethics, as outstanding fiduciaries, meeting the highest standard of knowledge, performance and competence in our field.

To fulfill our statutory responsibilities in all of the matters in which we are appointed.

To manage our cases with prudence and clarity, honoring the rights of all involved parties.

To assess and meet needs, overcome challenges, and act assertively and resourcefully in order to achieve successful outcomes in all matters.

To adhere, at all times, to the statutes governing the actions and reporting responsibilities of licensed professional fiduciaries.

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Assessing Elder Abuse and Planning for a Vulnerable Adult in the job of a Conservatorship Attorney


Assessing Elder Abuse and Caring for a Vulnerable Adult in the job of a Conservatorship Attorney

As we age, we all become vulnerable to age related diseases and elder abuse.  Sometimes, there is a stroke, or other urgent situation.   Other times dementia manifests slowly.   Our ability to assess the situation may decrease our ability to handle our finances properly, and our vulnarability to financial elder increases.   Minding the daily  medical care and day-to-day activities of an elder adult requires paying attention to fast and slow changes in the elder’s persona and financial affairs.    At Sirkin Law Group, our attorneys can help you assess and implement a conservatorship so that your loved one receives the care he or she needs at this stressful time.

To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer at the firm, call us today at 818.340.4479 or contact us  We serve clients throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Southern California.

Crisis Management and Planning for the Future of an Elder

In establishing a conservatorship, our attorney can provide you or private conservator fiduciary, the authority needed to make decisions on an elder or disabled person’s behalf.    Our office can prepare you for the future by helping you find a long-term arrangement for your loved one, and his or her medical situation.  Pre-planning includes an assessment for dementia care, treatment for Alzheimer’s disease or help with getting your the direct connection to assist with an injury.

Our professional attorneys regularly handle legal care and direct conservators and trustees regarding obtaining professionals for all medical needs of elderly individuals.     Dementia manifests in several different ways.   Parkinson’s dementia may be different than alcohol dementia in treatment and care, and progress at different speeds.   If your family member has dementia, our attorneys will discuss and plan for his or her long-term prognosis in developing  the elder or disabled person’s care plan.

If you suspect financial elder abuse by anyone, including other family members,  we can assist you in establishment or  implementation of  a conservatorship, or to prohibit another person, or revoke someone else’s conservatorship rights in relationship response to actual or perceived financial elder abuse.

When to Avoid  a Conservatorship

The best results are achieved, if you plan early,    While using a power of attorney is the least restrictive alternative to a conservatorship, using a power of attorney does not prevent the elder from acting.   If you have no concerns about the elder acting, and giving away the assets, a power of attorney may be sufficient to avoid a conservatorship.    Power of attorneys are inexpensive and can work in appropriate cases.  At Sirkin Law Group, we offer power of attorney documents, as an alternative to a conservatorship in addition to an estate plan.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss conservatorships with our conservatorship attorney at  Sirkin Law Group, call 818-340-4479, or Email:

How to Best Protect Your Elder Parent | Call Sirkin Law Elder Abuse Attorneys in Los Angeles CA

Cognitive deficiencies late in life require protection of elderly individuals Same makes the elderly population vulnerable to financial exploitation and neglect.  If you suspect your elderly parent or relative is a victim of elder abuse, call the Sirkin Law Group for help.   We can help you schedule an initial consultation at the firm when you call  818.340.4479, or by contacting us at The elder law counsel at Sirkin Law Group, will help you take immediate action to protect your family members from elder abuse:

Financial Abuse:   Elderly are often victims of financial abuse.   Most often, family members are the abusers.   But sometimes, contractors, caretakers, and others also victimize vulnerable elderly adults, and may attempt to exploit the individuals who appears to have accumulated wealth, or have financial resources.   General theft or conversion of elder’s assets can potentially leave the elder without resources for care.  Call us to evaluate your case. at 818.340.4479.

Act Immediately to End Financial Elder Abuse 

Financial Elder abuse cases have statutes of limitations. which may have already started to run.   If you don’t act right away, evidence and money tend to disappear.   Our lawyers can help you file and get an emergency protective order, or restraining order on behalf of the elder or abused individual.  Move out orders and asset freezes are common in elder care neglect or abuse situations.

Due diligence often requires that we remove the elderly or the abuser to protect the elderly, as part of the process of restitution to the elderly to seek reimbursement.   However, these matters are usually urgent and should not be ignored.

If you believe your loved one is being abused, the firm’s attorneys can help you end it today. Call 818.340.4479 or contact the Sirkin Law Offices of to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your elder’s personal care and financial options.  If  you need a referral to a dementia and elder health attorney, or a private professional fiduciary in Los Angeles County or other California counties, call us.

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Conservatorship Referral Los Angeles

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